russian keyboard Virtual

russian keyboard Virtual:

 Write Russian/Cyrillic :

his online russian keyboard allows you to type russian characters and accents without installing anything on your computer. You can use this keyboard in two ways:
  1. Use your mouse by clicking on the virutal keyboard
  2. Type with your keyboard (make sure the cursor is in the text area)
That's it!

With this Russian online keyboard you can comfortably write Russian/Cyrillic texts, even if your keyboard does not have the Russian/Cyrillic characters. Simply use your mouse to enter the characters in the text entry field. Then copy the text and insert it where you need it.

The keyboard completely corresponds to the Russian standard keyboard. Using your mouse click on the desired character and it appears in the top of the text field. To write in capital letters, click on the Shift key (arrow pointing up) as you normally would on your keyboard, to type 1 character in upper case and the rest in lower case. To continue writing in only capital letters, activate the key with the arrow pointing down. The arrangement of keys may be changed by clicking on "Standard" for the Russian standard keyboard, "Translit" for a transliteration, or "Alphabet" for an alphabetic arrangement on the left-hand side.

If you can touch type, writing Russian texts fairly quickly with this virtual keyboard will be easy. For example, if you press your "a" button, the Russian "?" character will appear in the text entry field field. At the same time the virtual keyboard will indicate the button you just clicked so you can follow the process easily.

Of course, afterwards you are able to edit the sentences you typed by simply clicking with your mouse on the desired spot in the text field you want to correct, and changing the word just as you would with any other normal text editing program.

If you want to search Google in Russian, you only need to click the blue Google button: a new window will open and the Russian word will be automatically submitted to the Google search.

russian keyboard 

The online russian keyboard is an russian transliteratin system that transforms your keyboard typed characters to russian equivalents so you don’t have to use a physical keyboard with russian keys if you need to write some russian text.These kind of virtual keyboards are used in the russian world espeially in north these countries peope usually use latin keyboards but they need to write russian too so such virtual keyboards become popular between people most of time in a form of a website which offers a virtual keyboard where people type latins characters and get transliterted arabic text which they can then copy and paste
People across the russian world are using online and virtual russian keyboards to type their text ,to search on search engines ,on youtube etc.. here is a list of the most popular online russian keyboards used nowadays:

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